Paul's Online Music Portfolio


My name is Paul. I am a musician from Philadelphia, PA, and I have been writing music since I was 10 years old. I created this site to share my music with others, mostly friends of mine, in some way accessible enough that any who wants to can listen to my music.

A lot of my music is in a classical style. I write mostly for Orchestra and sometimes Marching Band, though recently I have been experimenting with more popular, modern styles.

I also play piano, trumpet, bassoon, and sing baritone, and have dabbled in a few other instruments as well. Occasionally you may see me post a recording of a performance as opposed to an original composition. I've also done a few original arrangements of existing songs, as well as a few collaborations, and I will state when I have done so.

My music files are MIDI, so it'll sound like video game music in the playback, but will sound much better performed live. I just don't have the resources to hire an orchestra for a recording session.

Enjoy looking/listening around!


Bear with me as I continue to experiment with this site. I will continually be adding features and material, so check back